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as executive coach.

We help People to reach their true Potential and help improve their Performance.

Who are you?
Why are you here?
Where are you going to?

These are important questions that every person should be able to answer, whether it is at work; at home; and within the community.

In 1990 I was asked these same three questions. I arrived as a National Service Chaplain, at an army base on a Saturday afternoon, whilst all the officers were dressed in civilian clothes having a braai (Barbeque). Unaware of the fact that it was the base commander asking the questions, I was able to answer: “I am Wessel Venter, I was sent by the Chaplain General to come and serve as Chaplain in this base.”

As Organizational Coaches, we help people answer these exact questions. With tools we help each person identify their unique attributes; strengths; roles and contribution within their team, whether it be at work, in their marriage or in their community. In doing so we enable them find “their happy place”!

Wessel Venter

internationally accredited 

Our role is to

We enable you to find balance between

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Wessel Venter

Business Coach

Wessel is an internationally accredited Organizational Coach with qualifications in Industrial Psychology and Leadership.


Terence Nkhwashu

Business Coach

Terence has a Doctorate in Leadership with a special ability to assist with strategic planning.


Tessie Herbst

Business Coach

Tessie is a Clinical Psychologist with a special focus on wellness and coaching.


Kobus Krüger

Business Coach

Kobus worked in the Banking sector all his life and has a special focus on performance/contribution management


Professor Vinessa Naidoo

Business Coach

Prof Naidoo's academic interests include leadership, stakeholder engagement, marketing, branding, and coaching.


Gideon La Grange

Business Coach

Gideon has been in church leadership all his life - a sensitive, caring, listening coach.

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