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A square peg struggling to fit in a round hole becomes the star employee in the team!


Project Date

Client Name
Quality Surveyors

The Result

R realized that he is a natural inquisitive, research type of person. He loves to unpack and fully understand something. He struggles to readily accept anything. He loves questioning, considering different scenarios and testing outcomes.

When we moved from individual coaching to the team coaching phase, the members had the opportunity to position themselves –

  • What others should know about me
  • What others can expect from me
  • What others should not expect from me
  • How I like to be approached
  • How and where I can add the greatest value to the team

As this process unfolded R presented himself more confidently and the team validated his abilities and his unique contributions. He was recognized as a valuable member of the team. He became the go to person to develop new products and solutions and to ensure that the best possible solutions are developed. In the process R changed from being the odd one out, to being an active and valued member of the team. As so often happens in team coaching the team concluded: “Just imagine how vulnerable we would have been as a team without R!

The challenge

Being the youngest member in the team, R struggled to find his happy place. He enjoyed working for the company, but he struggled to find his niche, his special place.

During the first coaching sessions he also struggled to see the value of the sessions. However, the company paid, and he felt obliged to continue. He struggled to open up but gave his full collaboration. We started off with a non-threatening “wheel of life” session allowing him to define the 8 areas in his life that are of greatest importance to him. We then used assessments to define his uniqueness slowly but surely; his strengths and weaknesses; what he values in his life; and what role fits him best.