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As Organizational Coaches we are here to help your team/company perform to the best of their abilities!

Organizational Coaching is all about centres of excellence, high performance teams, making sure that each team member performs optimally!

The impact of Organizational Coaching is far greater than with individual coaching, as you focus on the individual within his/her role within the team. It is not easy to encourage change if the leadership and the rest of the team is not part and parcel of the intervention.

We all know that every person is unique – with unique abilities, personality styles and contributions.

If a person understands their own strengths and weaknesses and can clearly define their best possible role and contribution in the team, they could contribute more effectively and with confidence towards the success of the team.

Ultimately it is not about the individual but all about the cause/the organization. If the team succeeds the individual succeeds, and if the organization fails the individual fails. If an individual relates better with a particular client, then it would be best for the cause/organization if that individual engages the said client.


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Business Advices Given Over 30 Years.
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years experience per person in business leadership and development.
Business Coach

Wessel Up Close

Wessel is an internationally accredited Organizational Coach and a faculty member of the Global Institute for Organizational Coaching.

Wessel has been a Business Leader over a period of more than 30 years in both the private sector, organized business and the NGO sector. He has been instrumental in small business development, rural development and chamber development, and now he lives his passion in helping teams and individuals performing optimally with passion as an Organizational Coach.

Through the years Wessel was elected in leadership positions at local level (Chairperson of the local Business Chamber; School Governing Body and Community Representative Bodies); at provincial level (Chairperson of the Provincial Business Chambers and Secretary of the Business Support NGO’s); Nationally (Chairman of the Board of a German Small Business Development Program as well as an initiative by the ILO); and Internationally (Director representative for Southern Africa on the Board of Africa Micro Finance Transparency and a Faculty Member of Global IOC)

Career Highlights

Masters in Business Administration

Completed a post graduate degree - Honors in Industrial Psychology at the University of South Africa

Honors in Industrial Psychology

Completed a post graduate degree - Honors in Industrial Psychology at the University of South Africa

Honors in New Testament Greek

Completed a post graduate degree – Honors in New Testament Greek at the University of Pretoria


Experience in Strategic and General Management mainly in CEO positions 
Experience as a Manager and Leader across different industries 
Exposure in Leadership Development incl Consultancy 
Specialist in Rural-, Small Business- and Chamber development 
Specialist in Human potential development 
Business Coach

Terence Up Close

Terence is currently working on a number of projects that he believes will add value to the continent of Africa, his heart is in the sustainable growth and development of the African continent. He was for the past 5 years been involved with an energy company that is fast growing and positioned for success in the energy market in South Africa and other parts of Africa. He had in his capacity as Chief of staff and Strategist played a pivotal role in building the business from a few individuals to what it is today. Terence worked in the Office of the Group CEO in the capacity of Executive Director Strategy and Planning and Chief of Staff. His interest, passion, love for business and his “Can-Do” attitude are his major attributes.

Terence has led many teams in his career and has had extensive experience in managing and developing people. He is passionate about strategy and Planning, with specific focus on design, development, and implementation of strategic plans. He enjoys translating vision into strategy with implementation plans and monitoring tools. He has worked for big corporates where he operated as both a specialist and a generalist. Although he has specialized in Transformation, Learning and Development, Employee Relations, Employee Wellness, General Human Resources, and other areas relevant to people development, he remains passionate about the empowerment and development of people, changing people’s lives through job creation and economic empowerment.

He has always believed in the empowerment of people across all walks of life, he believes that there is enough for everyone, all that is needed is the creation of opportunities for people to flourish because the success of people is the success of a nation. He believes in the economic growth of South Africa and the rest of Africa, the Africa dream of being a global economic player can only be achieved where there is clear vision, true leadership, people development, and economic growth.

He went through a three-year Leadership Programme with Absa/Barclays Group, the programme helped him sharpen his leadership skills and competencies, and equally assisted him develop the depth of knowledge and leadership capability required of highly effective leaders. He is well balanced as a leader and his experience and knowledge in various disciplines in business. He is capable of operating comfortably at different levels of complexity in organizations, both at a strategic, tactical, and operational level.

Career Highlights

Strategy and Planning

Developed interest and knowledge in Strategy and Planning (Design, development, Implementation and Monitoring}.

Central Role

Played a central role in the development and building of DNG Energy Ltd


Helped champion transformation in some of the Anglo Platinum Mines

Leadership Programme

Nominated to participate in a 3-year Absa/Barclays leadership programme

Various Industries

Exposure in various industries spanning across, Mining, Motor Retail, Financial Services and Energy)

Start-Up Business

Established own business and gained experience in running a start-up business

Strategic Planning

Facilitated strategic planning processes for organizations and Church ministries.
Facilitated a strategic planning process for Sasbo (The Finance Union) where strategic plans for two of their key clients were and benefits realized for those organizations.


Experience in Human Capital/Resources Management 
Experience as a Manager and Leader across different industries 
Exposure in Leadership and Management Development incl Consultancy 
Specialist in Recruitment, Learning and Development, Employee Relations and Employee Wellness 
Experience in Business Transformation (BBBEE and Employment Equity) 
Experience in Strategy and Planning (Design, development, Implementation and Monitoring} 
Experience in Business Development and start - up’s (working across different functions). 
Experience working as an Executive Director and Chief of Staff 
Board experience (Administration and Value add) 
Managing diversity/ complexity and uncertainty 
Business Coach

Tessie Up Close

She currently works in the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor: Teaching, Learning and Technology at the Tshwane University of Technology where she is Tessie’s main drivers are her passion for people and change. She believes that personal transformation – shifting the structure and character of ourselves and learning to alter our own identity, values, and beliefs to become better human beings – is the heart of organizational transformation. Her research interest being the psychology of leadership and personal and institutional transformation methods for best developmental results. She thrives in environments that are dynamic and innovative. She is the author of the book The Dark side of Leadership and also published various peer reviewed articles and chapters in books in the field of leadership development, – the most recent being Reimaging leadership and reposition leaders in the book Leadership New Insights.  She is often invited as keynote speaker and conducted seminars and presented papers at several national and international conferences.

Career Highlights

Accredited Master HR professional

Tessie is a registered psychologist in and an accredited master HR professional (SABPP).

Responsible for academic leadership development

She manages three Academic Leadership Development Programmes, namely the LEAD programme, the TUT Women Leaders Programme and the annual Academic Leadership Impact Survey

Central Role

She also represents the DVC on the university’s Senate Mental Health Strategy Task Team. She is trained Organisation and Relationship Systems (ORSC) as well as Integral coach, and an accredited Enneagram (level 1) and Enneagram Teams Coaching (level 2) practitioner.

Neurozone© High-Performance Coach

She is also an accredited Neurozone© High-Performance Coach

Special Interests

Leadership in HE  
Emotional intelligence 
Toxic leadership 
Personal and Institutional transformation 
Leadership assessment for development and selection 
Team Systems Coaching 
Gender and leadership 
Business Coach

Gideon Up Close

Gideon has been in full-time ministry for 38 years. During that time he has been actively involved in developing people in various areas of their lives. These areas include personal problems and personal development, uplifting of people, leadership development as well as advice in business development. He has vast experience in coaching and counseling people on different levels of their lives. He has also acted as a chaplain for the SAPD in Dunnottar, giving trauma counseling to people who were caught up in serious traumatic experiences. He has been the senior leader/pastor in a few churches over the past 38 years, in which he was responsible for running the finances as well as leading the general business of these churches. He has also been the leader of a CPF community, serving the community for many years.

He was part of a governing body of a high school for 7 years and he was the chairperson of that governing body for 6 years, which required leading the school’s general business needs. He has also served on the governing body of an old age home.

He has done various short courses in leadership, counseling, finances, personal and leadership development, and time management skills.

Gideon love people, love to develop and coach them to be the best “self” they can be.

Career Highlights

Diploma in Theology at AFM Theological College
Ordained pastor in the AFM church since 1986-2022
Business Coach

Kobus Up Close

Kobus Krüger is an experienced Human Resources executive with extensive exposure to a wide range of specialities across the broad HR function in an international financial services group. He has direct design level experience of change management in a transforming organisation, having been intimately involved in the HR transformation of the South African banking and financial services industry since 1980.

Over the last 12 years prior to early retirement, he ran the firm wide (South African and 11 African countries) Performance Management practice as specialist executive, including policy setting, process and programme design, labour union engagement as a specialist, employee communication, call centre operations for performance management, HR team preparation and coordination of the practice across an employee base of approximately 43,000 employees, engagement with and support for performance management at EXCO level, etc.

Kobus is a proficient public speaker and corporate trainer and group facilitator (including for strategy sessions) with wide experience of change management planning, development and delivery. He lectured part time on a Human Resource Management for Financial Management course at the then Rand Afrikaans University (now University of Johannesburg) (2001 – 2005), taking roles ranging from programme developer, lead lecturer and chief examiner of the course (between 450 and 900 students per annum). He holds an Honours degree from Potchefstroom University (obtained through part-time study).

Career Highlights

Course Developer

Training on banking products and finance law and designing Computer Based Training for these courses

Delivery of Management training

Delivery of Management training to middle and senior managers, with at least a dozen different training course titles delivered over his career

Design and maintenance of management training products

Design and maintenance of management training products including several first line supervisory training programmes, specialist HR training programmes such as Recruitment process training, Competency Based Interviewing programme (in collaboration with SHL), Discipline and Grievance handling, Coaching skills, etc.

Learning consulting and needs assessment

Learning consulting and needs assessment, including liaison with the Group Strategy unit to understand emerging training needs and to assist with the design of interventions to support sstrategy delivery

Business Coach

Vinessa Up Close

As a Professor, Vinessa Naidoo is a renowned academic within the South African Business School arena for the past 17 years, whilst also being in the higher education sector for the past 21 years.

She is currently an MBA lecturer within the Tshwane School for Business and Society (TSB), and an examiner and a successful supervisor of postgraduate students for TSB and various other institutions in South Africa.

She has a passion for marketing, leadership and business studies whilst been actively involved in various business projects. She has both local and international experience and exposure during her career. Prof Naidoo enjoys coaching, especially, coaching business executives to their greatest. Vinessa has coached executives within corporate South Africa, and has been actively involved in the Careways Group. She also has been a consultant with LeadAfrika.

Prof Naidoo is Faculty of the Global Institute of Organizational Coaching (GIOC) and has done all courses with the GIOC. She has also done all coaching courses with Creative Consciousness International (CCI).

Her academic interests include leadership, stakeholder engagement, marketing, branding and coaching. Prof Naidoo has received a few awards for research excellence, has published numerous research papers in academic journals and participated in both domestic and international conferences.

Prof Naidoo also trains and mentors many business executives from corporate South Africa within the TSB. She also sits on a few boards, and loves developing and empowering people.

Career Highlights

B.Comm degree

Prof Naidoo has a B.Comm degree from the University of KZN

Masters of Business Leadership

She has a Masters of Business Leadership (MBL) from Unisa SBL


She obtained her Doctorate in Leadership and Performance Change (D.Phil) from the University of Johannesburg

Postgraduate degree in Teaching

She also has a Postgraduate degree in Teaching from the Haaga Heila University, Finland.

Neurozone© High-Performance Coach

She is also an accredited Neurozone© High-Performance Coach

Academic Interests

Stakeholder engagement 
Marketing & Branding 
Client Testimonial

MORE THAN JUST BUSINESS Great Clients Awesome Reviews

I can only say good things about Wessel Venter. We really appreciate the effects on our business and the positive attitudes of our staff that can be attributed to the coaching.
Dave Humphrey
Thank you to Wessel and his team for the difference that you have made in our organization. Assisting us to understand one another better; to work better as a team and to be more productive. The end result speaks for itself!
Leon van Niekerk
As an employee of the company that received coaching; I found their sessions to be helpful. As a result, I understand my own personality better as well as my colleagues' which in turn, assisted in better decision-making and conflict-handling situations. The team assisted us on a personal and professional level, and we appreciate the efforts and professionalism they have brought to our company.
Krystle Myburgh
Supply Chain & Procurement Manager

 business consulting   
Cases studies.